Petal Four: My Favorite Working Conditions

This petal is to help determine which type of work environment I thrive in. I will be analyzing all the places I have worked and their good and bad characteristics.

Places I Have Worked Thus Far in My Life

  • California Tortilla
  • Hampton Inn & Suites
  • Temple University Bookstore
  • Temple University Diamond Peer Teacher Program
  • Temple University Department of Spanish & Portuguese
  • Temple University Student Athlete Academic & Advising Center
  • Main Street Diner
  • Aflac
  • WC Eagles Field Hockey

I Have Learned from the Past That My Effectiveness at Work is Decreased When I Have to Work Under These Conditions

  • Long periods of standing in place
  • Smell of work environment stays in clothes
  • Uniform required
  • Had to be at work too early
  • Isolated environment
  • Did not have full employee access to equipment and programs
  • Very unstructured
  • Not enough to do
  • Small office without windows
  • Distracting atmosphere
  • Located in unsafe neighborhood
  • Competitive environment
  • Had to work on holidays
  • Too cold in office
  • Noisy while trying to use the phone
  • Extremely busy followed by extremely dead

Characteristics of Work Environments That I Think Would Increase My Effectiveness

*This step is not in ‘What Color is Your Parachute? 2016’ but I felt like it needed to be included in my work environment assessment.

  • Colorful and creative design
  • Neat and clean
  • Busy to make time pass quickly
  • Convenient schedule
  • Flexible schedule
  • My own office
  • Windows to let in light
  • Updated computer systems and technology
  • Paid vacation for holidays
  • Busy, but not overwhelming

The next step to this exercise is to prioritize the order of importance for the working conditions that weren’t conducive to me using the grid below. However, I am going to prioritize the opposite of the aforementioned working conditions and add my list of traits that would increase my effectiveness above. The grid below is for ten items; I will be using another grid provided in the book for prioritizing 24 items or less.

prioritizing grid

I Believe My Effectiveness Would Be at an Absolute Maximum, If I Could Work Under These Conditions

  1. Paid holidays and vacations given
  2. Convenient schedule
  3. Busy, but not overwhelmingly busy
  4. Windows in the office
  5. Up-to-date technology
  6. Daily human interaction
  7. Relaxed dress code
  8. Neat and clean office
  9. Supportive work environment
  10. Non-distracting office atmosphere

*All images and notes are taken from “What Color Is Your Parachute? 2016” by Richard Bolles.

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